CarbonWood - The performance of carbon and the prestige of wood


The newest material for stocks.

Out of the Standard.

The performance of carbon and the prestige of wood

CarbonWoodTM laminate

A unique material developed in more than two years of research.

Stronger and Lighter

A unique and innovative material combining carbon fibres and wood to give birth to a new generation of stocks that offer the performance of carbon and the beauty, elegance, and prestige of wood.

CarbonWood™ lets you get all the amazing characteristics of wood combined with the performance of carbon. CarbonWood™ is a patent brand owned by Minelli S.p.A.

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40% lighter

Solid, resistant, and durable


Pleasant to the touch

Elegant and prestigious

Easily customizable

Superior technology

The production process of CarbonWoodTM laminate requires sophisticated technologies, software, and machines.

This amazing material is the result of a passionate and constant research on quality and innovation by The Minelli Group, combined with more than 80 years of experience in wood manufacturing.

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Resistance and Durability

Technical and structural characteristics of CarbonWood™ Laminate go beyond the standards of resistance and durability of any other material.

The carbon fibre layers positioned in the weakest and more stressed areas of the stock guarantee a vertical and longitudinal improved strength.

Lightness and Precision

Carbon layers make the stock 40% lighter than a traditional stock and extremely resistant. Enthusiasts and collectors will appreciate these tangible and uncompromising peculiarities.

CarbonWood™ laminates, tested in the laboratory and on the field, pass all quality, stress, and resistance tests, as well as tests of shooting accuracy and precision (MOA).

Flexibility and Customization

CarbonWood™ stocks are very flexible and can be easily customized and adapted to their owner’s requirements to create a completely tailored product.

This unique material can be used for stocks that need some reinforcement to the weakest and more stressed areas as well as for top-quality firearms that require unconventional shapes.

Unique finishes

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Unique shapes

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Do not renounce to the beauty of wood

Carbon fibre stocks are lightweight, robust, durable, and have a modern and technological design.
However, they are rigid, cold, and they have a poor capacity to absorbing vibrations and recoils.

Moreover, there is a lack of beauty, warmth, elegance, and tradition typical of wooden stocks.

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