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Home decor & stationery

Extraordinary wood household goods.

Extraordinary wood household goods

Our extensive experience combined with the most advanced technologies.

Our expertise

  • Components for Lamps
  • Valet Tray
  • Desk Organizers
  • Amenity Boxes
  • Pen & Leadholder Bodies
  • Pen & Leadholder Scales
  • Components for Stamp and Sealing Wax Kits

Innovative shapes and finishing

We have the know-how and experience to design, develop and produce extraordinary wood household goods, with innovative shapes and finishing applied to a multitude of traditional FSC® essences and new wood combinations.

Personalized solutions

Our innovative production lines can elaborate any type of forms for Home décor and household goods, from simple clean lines to the most complex.

We are capable to produce high quality wood components due to an extensive experience in traditional wood working methods combined with the most advanced technologies.

Wooden stationery items

Whether they are used for work or for creativity, writing instruments and accessories are often a mix of design and elegance.

The use of wood can mark the brand style and enrich the value of a fine writing instrument such as a pen, a stamp, or a fountain pen.

Our meticulous manufacturing approach can offer high precision, personalized solutions to meet the tightest tolerances required for this kind of products.

Our Sustainability Report

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