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Military replica wooden stocks and gun grips

Firearms are part of our history. They have been used in war to guarantee freedom, and some models are considered symbol of human intelligence.

Our expertise

  • Stocks for sporting firearms
  • Butt pads
  • Pistol grips
  • Recoil pads

Milestones in firearms history

Minelli wants to dedicate a collection of wooden stocks and gun grips to these iconic elements: Each model is a perfect representation of the original firearm, created with the desire to keep alive this precious heritage.

Accurate reproduction

Amazing detailed wooden stocks and grips replicas of the most iconic arms, ideal for the preservation of the prestige and the value of your historical weapons.

Original wood

An accurate selection of Beech tree, Walnut and laminated Birch are used in order to guarantee the same wood quality which was used for production in previous decades.

Military finishing

Embracing a Minelli Replica Gudstock you will feel the sensation of reliving history. The special mixture of oil, wax and paint will transmit a unique feeling.

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Wooden stock replica collection

To produce the replica of a gunstock which is truly identical to the original, a vast experience in woodworking is required: each detail and every dimension have to be replicated very carefully.

With this collection, we fully expresses our high and refined production capacity. The “Minelli Replica” line is not just a simple reproduction of historical gunstocks, these are actually original gunstocks produced today.

Grips replica collection

When it comes to replicating a handgun grip-set with absolute fidelity, it is essential to reproduce the same ergonomics and original finishes.

Using the best reverse engineering tools and latest generation lasers, Minelli Replica offers you a collection of grips which are perfect in every detail. No improvements on the original parts, the strengths and weaknesses of the original grips will soon be in your hands.

Special discount applied as a percentage depending on the value of the goods.

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