Bow risers - Minelli wooden bow risers quality test.

Bow risers

Minelli riser quality test.

A competent manufacturer.

We make different quality tests in each phase of the production process to guarantee the quality of the riser and its performance.
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Design phase

Some riser samples (T-Series) are produced to verify the validity of the project.

During the project development, three tests are crucial to guarantee the validity of both the structure of the riser and its performance.

Degree of bending test

Degree of Bending Test (60 lb x 30 sec) and return to original status (wood memory).

Stress test

Simulation of shooting at maximum tensile load of the bow string (60 lb).

Breaking load test

Maximum breaking load test. It depends on the type of wood used.

Test phase: strength test

After production, each riser is tested to verify if there are some anomalies in the components or some unglued areas. (75 lb x 5 cl x 5 sec)

In this phase, the Strength Test (i.e., simulation of extreme shot) is carried out. This test examines if there are some defects in the wood and verifies the accuracy of the gluing process, as well as the correct assembly of the components.

Pre-shipment phase

The final quality control is executed prior to delivery.

Each riser is visually checked by our Quality Department and certified by the green label “Strength Test Passed”.

Download the free whitepaper

Download the free whitepaper

Free whitepaper

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