Cosmetics packaging - Mixing aesthetics to functionality

Cosmetics packaging

Protect and preserve cosmetic products.

Mixing aesthetics to functionality

We can achieve the most demanding goals.
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Our expertise

  • Closures for jars, flacons, bottles, vials and other Cosmetic containers
  • Frames for refillable cosmetics
  • Covers for lipsticks and mascara
  • Boxes from solid wood for cosmetics

Legnavis: the first and most sustainable threaded cap

Up till now, wooden caps in cosmetics required internal plastic threaded capsule to enable perfect closing. Now, this plastic part and the related glue can be definitively eliminated, resulting in a completely eco-friendly object.

Thanks to our innovative tools and CNC (computer numerical control) machines, and both manual and automatic quality control during production, we were able to create the strongest and most durable threaded cap without plastic or glue, which we called Legnavis

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Protect and preserve

To protect and preserve cosmetic products, we have the ability to propose the best solutions in terms of wood manufacturing techniques to achieve the most demanding goals.

Mixing aesthetics to functionality, we can manufacture the best and safest wooden caps and cosmetic packaging suitable for any plastic or glass container, giving a natural and genuine touch to the whole packaging concept.

FSC® Certification

Minelli’s FSC® Certification is an added value to preserve the most ecofriendly approach of the Customer’s Brand.

Our Sustainability Report

Discover how we're building a greener future. Download our sustainability report today and be part of the change.

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