Perfume packaging - Durable, functional, solid and appealing

Perfume packaging

The most famous fragrances have always been valorized by their packaging.

Unique perfume packaging designs

Offering durable, functional, solid, and aesthetically appealing perfume packaging designs in your catalogue is crucial to be competitive in the market.
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Our expertise

  • Lids for cosmetic jars
  • Rings for droppers
  • Frames for perfumes
  • Covers for refillable scent dispensers
  • Rings for pumps
  • Caps for perfumes
  • Factice caps and containers

Successful and effective packaging

We have the ability to transform a simple idea into a unique perfume packaging item which gives the product a special and precious look.

The quality of the bottle, the beauty of the box, their design, the luxury packaging materials chosen, and how these are decorated are all elements that can lead to successful and effective packaging for perfume.

Prestigious caps and containers

Our experience in wood manufacturing, combined with a vast selection of wood types and finishing options, lets you create prestigious caps and containers for the Perfumery sector, customized according to your clients’ requirements.

Consistency, precision, and cost effectiveness

Some perfume bottle designs are real works of art, objects of design that people will love to display in their homes.

Thanks to our know-how and technologies, we can create unique and unconventional shapes, ensuring consistency, precision, and cost effectiveness.

We can manage wood caps and packaging by turning, milling and by grinding, obtaining perfectly smooth surfaces that will enhance any kind of finishing.

Sustainable luxury packaging

We adopt an overall eco-friendly approach, paying attention to the environment during every step of the production process.

Sustainable luxury packaging made of wood is prestigious, elegant, and safe for people and the environment, as it reduces our environmental impact if made by a reliable wood maker.

Offering it in your catalogue is a way to demonstrate your concern for the environment and that you listen to your customers’ wants.

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