Domestic cleaning - Broom heads, Cleaning brushes, Climbing brushes

Domestic cleaning

Wooden domestic cleaning brush handles.

Innovative finishes, certified wood.

Resistant, functional and cost-effective.

Our expertise

  • Broom heads
  • Handles for cleaning brushes
  • Handles for climbing brushes

Ergonomic, captivating, and customizable designs

Wooden components for house cleaning objects produced by us have ergonomic, captivating, and customizable designs besides being functional and cost-effective.

Resistant and water-repellent

They can be used every day in humid environments and in contact with chemical substances and natural oils, thanks to our innovative finishes that make them more resistant and water-repellent.

Certified wood

Our production processes emphasize rigorous attention to quality control and environmental sustainability.

In fact, we use only FSC®-certified wood that comes from responsibly managed forests.

Our Sustainability Report

Discover how we're building a greener future. Download our sustainability report today and be part of the change.

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