Legnavis - Eco-friendly solution for packaging


A completely eco-friendly solution for packaging.

Eco-friendly solution for packaging

The demand for products that don’t damage the environment is constantly growing.

You can respond to the needs of those eco-friendly consumers by including threaded wooden caps in your catalogue. However, you must ensure they are resistant, durable, and not subjected to wear after being used.

How do you recognize a durable threaded wooden cap?

A standard thread stars at zero level tangentially to the edge of the cap and then rises progressively until it reaches its maximum section height. Since wood is a “soft” material, such structure is subjected to wear over time, hence losing its smooth hermetic closure.

A wooden thread, which starts at its maximum section height right from the beginning, is much more resistant and durable; such thread will maintain its functionality over time while protecting the product from contamination and leakage.

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Legnavis is the most resistant threaded wooden cap

The internal thread we created starts already with its maximum resistant section and has a flat section, that is extremely resistant and durable.

We were the first and only company that patented this innovative thread in January 2020, and we are very proud of this completely sustainable, elegant, and customizable solution for packaging.

We can supply it in almost any dimension and shape, wood essence, and finish according to your clients’ requests.
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