Wooba - The future of packaging: closing the loop for a healthier environment


Patented concept based on circular economy principles.

Hey, I’m WOOBA™

Wooba™ is a patented concept owned by Minelli Systems based on circular economy principles.

Wooba™ is a smart combination of materials and manufacturing technologies that embodies the future of packaging: closing the loop for a healthier environment!

Sustainable lifecycle

Natural materials

Unique texture

Distinctive design

Closing the loop

Wooba™ gives second life to the 10 tons/day of wood chip waste created in the production plants of Minelli, a global leader in solid wood processing and component manufacturing with 85 years of experience.

1. This is where it all begins.

The wood that Minelli processes is FSC and EUTR 995 – certified, which means that it comes from responsively managed forests and it provides environmental, social, and economic benefits to the local communities.
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2. Premium quality wood caps.

Minelli produces millions of premium quality wood caps per year. In doing so, it generates a large quantity of wood scrap as a by-product.

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3. Wooba™

By intelligently mixing the wood scrap with a biodegradable material derived from renewable resources, Minelli achieves two goals: to recycle the wood chip waste and to build a jar with a unique design.

4. Seed Me!

When the jar is empty, turn it upside down, lift the SEED ME sticker, and… surprise!

Plant your Wooba™ jar and help us closing the loop.

Did you know?

57% of consumers

are less likely to buy products in packaging that is harmful to the environment.

Source: Boston Consulting Group BCG

61% of consumers

are likely to switch to another brand if this is more environmentally friendly than their current one.

Source: Global Web Index GWI

73% of consumers

are willing to pay more for eco-friendly packaging. 20% are willing to pay over 10% more.

Source: Boston Consulting Group BCG

-56% of environmental impact

is the average decrease of environmental impact switching from a standard PET jar to an equivalent Wooba™ jar.

LCA is a methodology for assessing environmental effects associated with all the stages of the lifecycle of a commercial product. Software used: OpenLCA

It starts with a conversation

If you want to design the packaging of the future, and if you want your product to be manufactured with a special focus on quality and sustainability, Minelli Systems wants to be part of the discussion.

Bring your ideas into existence with a team focused on manufacturing know-how and fluid communication, to ensure all your needs are continually supported.

By forming a sustainable packaging coalition, we can bridge the gap between creative conception and an exquisite end-result.

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